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Beijing JWGB Sci & Tech Co.,Ltd., with its headquarter located in Beijing Sci.&Tech. Plaza, is a premier hi-tech company specialized in nitrogen adsorption specific surface area and pore size distribution analyzer manufacturing. During the past several years, the company has all along carried out research and development, and innovation independently. The company has made significant achievements and was honored as the pioneer in the development of nitrogen adsorption analyzer in China.
In 2000, JWGB's engineers from Beijing Institute of Technology successfully developed a new model of dynamic contrast method for specific surface area analyzer, which ushered in a new era of manufacturing technique of nitrogen adsorption analyzer in China.
In 2004, JWGB developed the first dynamic BET specific surface area analyzer,which marks a great leap in the manufacturing technique of dynamic nitrogen adsorption analyzer.
In 2005, dynamic pore size distribution analyzer was developed, which symbolizes an important breakthrough in the technique and utilization of the nitrogen adsorption analyzer.
In 2007, nitrogen adsorption specific surface area analyzer applying static volumetric method was made, which now substitute the imported analyzer, the marks China is entering into the top developers in manufacturing as well as application of the nitrogen adsorption analyzer.
In 2008, JWGB was the only manufacturer in China chosen to participate in the compile of “National Specific Surface Area Standards for Calibration Test”.

The company has great strength in manufacturing expertise, boasting technical elites consist of doctors, masters and senior engineers specialized in this field. Led by the renowned scientist, the company becomes a top developer in China in terms of theoretical research, innovation and development, design and manufacturing, and having the abilities to tackle practical issues. Through all these years of development, the company has developed a whole series of products bearing JWGB’s logo. It is our belief that great numbers of customers are the best proof of the credibility of the company and the quality of its products, we have won customers home and abroad from famous High Education Institutions and companies in China to corporations in European countries.
JWGB's motto: continue to take innovation, further development and high quality as our first priority; firmly adhere to the tenet of providing best service and products of highest quality. JWGB has established a full-fledged quality control and post-sales service systems. While continuously improve the quality of its products, JWGB spares no efforts to deliver new equipment according to the feedbacks of customers and at the meantime provide customers with a general testing solutions so as to better serve the education and production activity, to secure the leading position of JWGB in terms of technology and products.