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    Namesurface area analyze




    Analysis method

    Dynamic method, Langmuir surface area analysis, Direct comparison, BET (single-point, multi-point ), the average particle size estimating the outer surface area of carbon black

    Technical parameters

    Measuring range: 0.01 (m / g) - to no upper limit (surface area)
    Test Accuracy: 1% repeatability error
    Sample types: powder, particles, fibers and sheet materials, widely
    Sample No: analysis four samples simultaneously
    Gas: carrier gas,high purity He (99.99%), adsorbed gases, high purity N2 (99.99%) or other (such as Ar, Kr)
    Time: direct comparison method, per sample 3min; 5-point BET, per sample 15min; results are automatically obtained by the real-time software.
    Pressure: atmospheric pressure, conducive to rapid surface area analysis.
    Data collection: high-precision two-way digital acquisition module, the most flexibility to complete the most comprehensive data collection, the error is small, anti-interference ability will help improve the accuracy of the results of surface area
    Data process: standard window interface, easy to understand, learn, operate, rich analysis model, high image resolution, easy to maintain, taking system post-upgrating into account.
    Quality Certificate: CE, China Metrology Institute Certificate, Test Report of China Science and Technology, New Instrument Certification, GB / T 19001-2008 Quality Management System Certificate


    1. JW-analyzer, the only national technology appraisal product, with identification certificate..
    2. The most advanced dynamic BET surface area analyzer;
    3. a proprietary gas design, stable performance, high precision, speed fast, save half the time compared with similar products;
    4. independent, non-fragile stainless steel dewar, safe, reliable, excellent insulation.
    5. the line is very good, sharp peak, particularly suitable for small surface area, strong adaptable;
    6. a new system, eliminating the effect of conductive material, making it more suitable for testing surface area of cell material;
    7. High-precision flow control system, nitrogen system calibration, zero revision of thermal conductivity detector and adsorption-desorption equilibrium are automatic, excluding man-made factors on the impact of test results;
    8. Unique thermal conductivity detector protection system has greatly enhanced the life of the instrument;
    9. the corresponding products have been exported to Japan, the United States, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia;
    10. the software interface is produced by the domestic and foreign experts, more humane, intelligent.


    Widely used in powder, granules, fibers, sheet materials and other materials, especially for lithium iron phosphate, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium manganese oxide, graphite, nickel hydroxide electrode materials.

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